Hydro Cool Blanket



Product Description

The Hydro cool Blanket with detachable belly helps to cool your horse after exertion, protects from heat stress and allows a quick recovery time. This blanket can be placed on the horse for extended periods of time as the fabric is designed to gradually get colder for the first 10 minutes, then remain cool for up to two hours. The technique uses evaporation to draw heat out, rather than push cold in which ensures no damage to the skin. The Hydro Cool Blanket continually pulls the heat out of the horse’s bloodstream and the coolness circulates throughout the horse’s body keeping the body temperature at a comfortable level. They literally get cooled from the inside out!  Removable belly cover included.
Hydro Cool Fabric is safe, Chemical free, washable and reusable for years.
Colors : Blue
Directions for use:

Submerge fully in water and soak for 10 -15 mins. Ensure that the entire blanket has been soaked through before removing. Place onto the horse and secure with the straps.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  If the blanket is dry, DO NOT PULL APART as this will cause damage to the fabric, place in water first to soften it.

Washing Instructions: Washing instruction: use mild detergent soap and wash by hand.


Additional Information

Additional Information

Blanket Sizes

135cm/6’0″, 145cm, 155 cm