Kentucky Air Tech Eventing Boots Front



Product Description

The Kentucky Air Tech Eventing Boots Front consists of 5 layers. On the inner layer there is a very breathable knitted lining which ensures a soft feeling against the skin and therefore prevents rubs. This lining also prevents the boot from slipping or turning. The second layer consists of a 5mm thick EVA foam. This material is extremely light and shock absorbing and offers a lot of stability to the boot as well as your horse’s leg. This EVA foam is perforated with ventilation holes to allow the heat to escape so the legs don’t overheat.

The third layer is a 2mm thick TPU hard shell that stops the largest impact and prevents penetration from horse shoes or studs. On the back of the front boot another layer of 5mm thick EVA foam has been added to provide extra protection from the possible impact of the hind legs.

The outer layer is made out of perforated artificial leather. The tiny ventilation holes prevent the leg from overheating. The material doesn’t absorb water which allows the Air Tech Eventing Boots to maintain their light weight. Therefore they can enhance the performance and contribute to the comfort of the horse during long, hard cross-country courses.

The Eventing Boots feature an extremely strong Velcro fastening. Quick tip: put some tape around the fastening of the boots to extend their durability. The Air Tech Eventing Boots are machine washable at 30° (no dryer). Close the Velcro fastening before washing or put in a washing bag.

The Kentucky Air Tech Technology has been perfected over a 3 year long development process and tested under the hardest conditions. This technology enables extreme breathability which prevents your horse’s legs from overheating during the hard work.



  • Medium: 17.5 cm front tall – 23 cm hind tall – 24 cm circumference
  • Full: 19.5 cm front tall – 25 cm hind tall – 25.5 cm circumference


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Additional Information




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