Kentucky Sheepskin Elastic Tendon Boots



Product Description

The Kentucky Sheepskin Elastic Tendon Boots have a tough outer shell casing which is styled in an extremely light yet strong TPU outer shell to protect against impact, whilst the tendon area is reinforced with D3O shock absorbing molecules* for the ultimate protection.

These boots are highly breathable and prevent tendons overheating thanks to the inside material. 100% animal-friendly, the artificial sheepskin is attached to a knitted base and then laminated to a suede fabric, both air permeable and breathable. The perforated neoprene provides high-breathability thanks to ventilation holes whilst the artificial sheepskin lining offers excellent cushioning against sensitive skin.

The tendon boot also features a higher cut out design than traditional tendon boots to allow total freedom of movement around the pastern area, when the horse is jumping. The elastic closure makes it very easy to close and adjust these boots. These boots are easy to wash as they are specially made to sustain the washing process at 30° (no dryer).

  • Strong TPU-outer shell casing
  • Tendon area reinforced with D3O shock absorbing molecules*
  • Strength on the outside, comfort on the inside
  • Ventilation system for cool performance
  • Higher cut for maximum freedom of movement
  • Colour: black or brown
  • Size: full

*D3O shock absorbing molecules is a light and clever material that locks on impact and then disperses the blow returning to its former pliable self immediately. Laboratory tests have shown that the boots absorb impact over 50% better than any other boot currently on the market, with the ability to disperse a heavy blow equivalent to that which would actually break a human bone.

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Additional Information


Black, Brown