Amerigo Selva Pinerolo Dressage Saddle



The Amerigo Selva Pinerolo Dressage Saddle is designed for horse with toplines with a moderately defined wither and prominent shoulders, slightly rising to the croup, and has an extra wide gullet for wide withers.

The innovative Multifunctional Panel System (MPS) is used for all Amerigo saddles and is a unique mixture of synthetic fibres that respond to warmth to ensure a perfect fit. The panels are flocked.

The Amerigo Selva Pinerolo Dressage Saddle model benefits from a new concept panel system that features ‘SUPPORT PANELS’ to optimize weight distribution and increase freedom of shoulder for a precise fit.

‘Every horse has its particular back shape and the saddle has to mirror this exactly so that the rider can sit in balance and work in harmony with the horse,’ said Peter Menet, designer, Amerigo.  ‘This is our ethos at Amerigo and the scientific concept that has led to design of these saddles.’

As with all Amerigo saddles, the Amerigo Selva Pinerolo Dressage Saddle is individually handcrafted in Italy using first choice French and Italian hides.  The specially selected leather combined with the meticulous and qualified handcrafting, ensures that every Amerigo saddle becomes a true “Made in Italy” masterpiece.

Available colours: Black, Brown




16 ½”
17 ½”


K short
N normal
L Iong
XL extra long

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