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Hydro Cool Neck Wrap




The Hydro Cool Neck Wrap utilizes cold therapy for the prevention and treatment of injury, by dissipating heat from muscles, tendons and joints. Cold therapy is most effective during the first 48 hours of an injury or inflammation and if correctly used, can help improve treatment for a range of muscle, joint, and soft tissue injuries. The use of cold therapy after a hard workout may help a horse recover faster and also help relieve discomfort caused by chronic conditions. They are perfect for use at the yard or at shows – and are easy and safe to apply, requiring no hosing, pre-cooling or preparation – no fuss, no mess!
No Ice, No Gel, No Freezer is required,  chemical free and  Non Toxic.
Hydro Cool Neck Wrap can be left on the neck for extended periods of time as the fabric is designed to gradually get colder for the first 10 minutes, then remain cool for up to two hours. The technique uses evaporation to draw heat out, rather than push cold in which ensures no damage to the skin – unlike ice, ice and gel packs and some sprays.

Directions for use:

Submerge fully in water and soak for 10 mins. Ensure that the entire wrap has been soaked through before removing.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  If the wrap is dry, DO NOT PULL APART as this will cause damage to the fabric, place in water first to soften it.

Washing Instructions: use mild detergent soap and wash by hand.

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