Amerigo DJ Professional Jumping Saddle

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The Amerigo DJ Professional jumping Saddle works well for straighter backed horse, short backed horses and bigger warmbloods.

Amerigo saddles are created by Peter Menet for top level performance, with correct anatomical design based on equine biomechanics.  Whatever the level of your sport, the comfortable, secure balance of the Amerigo DJ Professional Jumping Saddle offers a centered, relaxed seat postion, allowing your leg to naturally fall into correct postion.  This in turn allows you to ride without tension, and distributes your weight over those areas of the horse’s back most suited to carry it.  The horse is then allowed to round his back and engage his hindquarters more easily.

The innovative Multifunctional Panel System (MPS) is used for all Amerigo saddles and is a unique mixture of synthetic fibres that respond to warmth to ensure a perfect fit.  The panels are flocked.

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