CalmEze Eq

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Calmeze Eq is a gel based product formulated to calm excitable horses. It works by reducing anxiety in high stress situations or a shows. A single 60ml syringe contains three doses for a 500kg horse.

Dosage and directions for use: Administer orally the night before and then 1 – 2 hours before stressful activity. If required, the dosage can be repeated after 5 hours. Onset of action is approximately 90 minutes. If the stressful activity lasts for longer than 1 day, administer once daily for the duration of the activity. Adjust the dosage to your horse’s specific needs.

Foals/Weanlings (250kg): 10ml per dosage.
Horses < 500kg: 20ml dosage.
Horses > 500kg: 25ml dosage.

Each 20ml contains (minimum): Bioactive Decapeptide blend CM2 – 1 300mg.

Sizes: 60ml.