As riders and equine enthusiasts, we cherish our horses as though they are family. We take care of them, connect with them and look after them. As an extension of family, we strive to ensure our horses are in top condition and this includes adequate nutrition in order for our horses to perform at their best.

The benefits of hydrolyzed collagen for horses are proven through clinical trials. Having done this extensive research, testing animals and seeing visible improvements in joints, ligaments an bones first hand on some top riders and horses in the industry, we have finally decided to make our premium peptides available as an additive to feed for horses, introducing our brand EquiGold® to the general public.

Our EquiGold® collagen is the highest quality, there are no additives or fillers just 100% pure collagen. Equigold is recommended for all worked horses no matter level of competition or sport. If your horse is worked and competes, joints, bones, ligaments and connective tissue should be supplemented. If a horse is injured or recovering from an injury, Equigold® can help as a therapeutic in alleviating joint pain.

Collagen is one of the best join care supplements we have found.

Older horses/animals will show noticeable improvement by adding Equigold® collagen joint care supplements to their diet.

Just like humans, horses are not immune to arthritis in their old age. Collagen supplements can help in prevention as well as therapeutic treatment of age-related degenerative disorders. By Supplementing horses with Equigold®, one is able to harness the strong synergy between collagen peptides and amino acids such as glutamic acid.

The high profile of amino acids found in hydrolyzed collagen target the sites where tissues have been damaged. This allows a regeneration process based on the animal’s own metabolism. Equigold ® will also supplement hoof health, maintain and promote muscle strength, and a shiny coat will be the inevitable result of a well-nourished animal.

So what is it that the horse’s body needs that it’s unable to produce at a fast enough rate? The answer is Equigold® collagen:

The number one molecular building block outside of water that makes up these connective tissues (cartilage, bone, ligaments and tendons) is collagen. These important connective tissues are made up of collagen in the following amounts: Bone 25-50%, Cartilage >66%, Ligaments >60% and Tendons >85%. Collagen plays a huge role in a horse’s physical health.Collagen is the major structural protein in human and animal bone and skin tissue. With daily supplementation, you can significantly improve the joint health of your horse. For years humans have been experiencing the health benefits of collagen supplementation for arthritis, other joint disorders and body conditioning.

Why Equigold® Collagen?

With worked horses we can use preventative measures in order to ensure joints and connective tissue are adequately supported and supplemented in order to not only prevent degenerative disorders and injury.

As a horse ages and/or performs, the molecular building structures that make up bones, joints, ligaments, cartilage, muscles and tendons simply can not be produced at a fast enough rate to replace the ones that are being depleted. This process results in the cartilage and synovial fluid, that cushions the joints, to be broken down and the connective tissues to become weakened. This degenerative process results in the immediate inflammation of the joint, lameness, and leads to osteoarthritis and degenerative joint disease.

Now your horse can receive the same benefits from Equigold® premium collagen supplement for horses.

At competition level, riders want to be strong, look good and feel amazing. Ensure your horse feels the same and can compete and improve without the stress of ageing joints.It is essential to add Equigold® your horses daily regime for best results for both prevention and therapeutic care!