Franco Tucci Marilyn Short Boots

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Franco Tucci Marilyn Short Boots
The Franco Tucci Marilyn Short Boots are the most beautiful boots of the Tucci Time collection and contributes class and sophistication to any outfit. They feature a Spanish influenced stitch detailing to outline the top and toe of the boot to add further elegance.

Available in Black, Blue, Brown, Grey and Red.


Details make the difference, starting with the choice of the best materials. Each leather hide has been selected in order to accomplish specific tasks. Special supple leather for the main body of the boot: sturdy yet flexible, this guarantees freedom of movement, extreme wear resistance and superior durability at the same time. The lining is made with premium quality hides, selected from certified farms of Italy and France, treated to enhance the natural beauty through softening procedures. The high absorbency and breathability maintains ideal condition to provide the ultimate soft touch sensation. For the Tucci Time collection, Franco Tucci has also conceived a new SUPER SOFT version available on all models to fulfil the need of extreme freedom, agility and weightless sensation while riding.

Every part is assembled in Italy by skilled artisans working at Franco Tucci.

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