Innova Riding Dynamic Stirrups

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Bring sustainability to your riding.

The Innova Riding Dynamic Stirrups offer you safety and elegance while preserving nature.


The mechanism allows the foot to be released from the stirrups in case of need with minimal pressure against the mobile part, which then automatically returns to its closed position


Dynamic wooden pad has been equipped with 6 stainless steel tips to guarantee even more grip.


Designed to help the rider find the best balance while riding.

Eye-catching design

Given by the natural wood tones and recognizable Italian elegance.


High-quality materials ensure maximum resistance and durability

Eco-friendly materials

The combination of wood and aluminium make our product totally plastic-free

Metal colours: Black, Brown, Silver, Blue, Copper
Wood colours: Dark wood, Light wood

*The colouring method of our stirrups may show slight variations in tone between batches and therefore differ from the photographs in this catalogue.

Additional information

Additional information

Metal Colour

Black, Brown, Silver, Blue, Copper

Wood Colour

Dark Wood, Light Wood