Precision Grooming with Ease

Unleash the full potential of your arena with our Tractor-Compatible Radium Arena Rake. This innovative grooming solution is equipped with front and rear twisted bar rollers for lower vibration and quieter operation. It features three rows of S-tines and finishing rods for a more consistent and even finish, ensuring top-notch grooming results. With dual steering and transport lock for improved maneuverability, it’s the ideal choice for most compact, small, and medium-sized tractors. Elevate your equestrian game with Radium!

Standard Equipment

  • Front & rear twisted bar rollers

  • Three rows of s-tines & finishing rods

  • Swivel Auto-locking hitch

Model Specifications

Working Width: 2000mm

Overall Weight: 390kg

No. of Tines: 25

No. of Finishing Rods: 29

Max Degree of Steering: 20

Tine Spacing: 75mm