Tech Stirrup Siena Plus Jumping Stirrups


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Tech Stirrup Siena Plus Jumping Stirrups are provided with shock absorbers to absorb impact upon landing when jumping, increasing the adherence, stability and comfort during use. The shock absorbers are made of a compound particularly suitable to stress, durable to wear and to high and low temperatures

Tech Stirrup Siena Plus Jumping Stirrups features a superior grip patented system. The stirrup tread inclines at a 3° angle to ensure the best possible grip and the unique design of the stirrup leather slot ensures that a lost stirrup can be quickly and easily recovered.

Material: aluminium
Available colours: Black, Blue, Silver, Titanium, Gold, Green, Red, Pink, Rose Gold, Brown
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After repeated tests – carried out both on the weight and on the shape of the products – our stirrups resulted to be balanced so that, in case of loss of the stirrups during galloping, they tend to beat as little as possible on the horse belly if compared to other stirrups of the same type currently available on the market.



The aesthetics of Tech Stirrups horse-riding stirrups has been designed to the last detail. Furthermore, all the milling operations have been carried out with high speed CNC machines programmed with CAD-CAM software, in order to obtain well-refined, high-quality finishes. To avoid harming the horse or spoiling the harness, the front part of the treadshas been rounded and all the corners of the stirrups have been smoothened. In addition, the screws have been placed in sockets so not to protrude.



Tech Stirrups horse-riding stirrups are made of radiographed and certified material. Before packing, all the rings undergo a breaking strength test, which is carried out with machines that we have specifically designed for the purpose. Although they undergo to countless checks and despite the fact that screws are fixed, we always suggest customers to verify the correct closure before use.