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Liveryman Slick Art Vet


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Liveryman Slick Art Vet trimmer is the very first trimmer specifically designed to combine trimming maintenance and Slick’Arting ( Design )

Very light silent and easy to handle, its accurate and provides a smooth cut similar to a pencil drawing experience.


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Slick’Arting and Maintenance Trimming
Features Benefits
Power 7 watt Ideal for trimming and sculpting
Narrow Steel Blade Width 4cm – Cutting Height 0.4mm Accurate and agile cut, perfect for trimming and Slick’Arting
Speed 5800/RPM
Weight 163g Very Light
Sound 62DB very Silent and Smooth
Cord/Cordless Battery Running time : 90 minutes
Complete Pack 4×1 plastic combs : 3mm – 6mm – 9mm – 12mm + oil and brush
Strong Plastic Case To protect the trimmer after use
Warranty 12 months